Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tsui much is never enough.

"Actually, yes... yes, I have produced some of the most
entertaining films ever made. Why do you ask?"
(Image: Hong Kong Movie Database)

Tsui Hark Week continues... although I think this will be my last entry in this series. Or maybe not.

-A typically fun and eloquent appreciation by Grady Hendrix, New York Asian Film Festival co-guru, at the wonderful Senses of Cinema website:
"All of his collaborators over the years feel that his movies would be better if he focused on fully expressing one idea rather than several, but Tsui doesn’t have the time. He’s saving China from extinction and if he has a thousand ideas in the three months when he’s making a movie, then that movie will contain a thousand ideas."
-My own little collection of Tsui mini-reviews that I wrote several years back for Hong Kong Cinema - View from the Brooklyn Bridge, the now unfortunately dormant site by another NYAFF co-founder, Brian Naas. Brian's site is still an essential stop for HK film fans, even if it's not updated anymore.

Finally, from the "Holy crap, you can find anything on YouTube!" Department: The profile of Tsui from the late '80s British TV program The Incredibly Strange Film Show. This series ran on late weekend nights for a while on some local mid-Michigan cable station when I was a high schooler; this segment and the one on Jackie Chan (also available on the YouTube), provided my first inkling that such a thing as Hong Kong cinema existed. From the point of view of today's knowledgeable fan, it's a little threadbare - naive, at least a tad condescending and occasionally just plain factually wrong - but it's still a fun time capsule of the moment when gobsmacked Western audiences first started discovering these movies.

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